Fleet car leasing

There are many Fleet car leasing companies out there in the United Kingdom and everyone is unique and may specialise in a certain type of vehicles. In general leasing many vehicles from the same car hire company should work out cheaper than renting them from different companies. As a company should show loyalty to its best customers by giving them a large order discount. This is where they can to keep the deal sweet between company and client. So that good company reviews will be given to the clients contacts and further business may be made.

A lot of large trade companies often use Fleet car leasing in the form of van hire. Its common for large companies to hire a lot of van of the same type such as couriers or telecom companies so that they have a large number of easily recognisable vehicles on the road, instead of having mis-match vehicles.

Depending upon the number of vehicles a client may wish to rent and the period of time various leasing options will be given to the client such as renting 100 vehicles for £100 a month each for 2 years. Or renting 100 vehicles for £200 a month for a shorter period of 1 year. The options for leasing will vary depending upon which company is used and the financial status and credit rating of the company. It is also common for an initial deposit to be made on the transport rental of vehicles when considering a contract using Fleet car leasing.

Sometimes a hire rental company will also give the option of hire purchase on vehicles especially when a lot have been leased by the client through Fleet car leasing. This is similar to renting a vehicle although at the end of the contract you will actually own the vehicle yourself, instead of returning it back to the rental company.

This method may cost a bit more each month than normal rental however you will receive the added benefit of owning the car at the end of the terms.

Contract Car Deals

ImageMake / ModelCostQuote Me

4x4 - CJ Tafft Ltd Leasing Deals Mercedes - 4x4
Merc GLC 220d 4matic Sport Auto

People Carrier - CJ Tafft Ltd Leasing Deals BMW - People Carrier
BMW 320d Efficient Dynam Plus Est Man

Hatchback & Saloon - CJ Tafft Ltd Leasing Deals Suzuki - Hatchback & Saloon
Suzuki SX4 Cross HB 1.0 Boosterjet SZ4 5dr

Hatchback & Saloon - CJ Tafft Ltd Leasing Deals BMW - Hatchback & Saloon
BMW M5 4dr DCT